The finest quality millwork and
the highest quality ballistic protection
in the industry.

Zone Defense is a multi-generational architectural wood-working company founded in 1942 and currently located in Randolph, New Jersey. Through changing times, and with each successor's unique fingerprint, it has evolved into a state-of-the-art quality and client-driven business. In 2005 we moved into our present 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility where our product goes into final design and manufacturing. It is then installed by our own installation teams. The majority of work we do is in the tri-state area where we have a key focus on the New York and New Jersey markets.

We understand the importance of anticipating our clients' needs and we strive to exceed their expectations before, during, and after each project. We are fully committed to meeting the expectations of every project whatever the size of the task or the dollar amount of the job. Our emphasis on quality, with regard to both product and service, along with a strict attention to detail will ensure a successful result every time.

We appreciate that schedules play a large factor in this industry and we are dedicated to delivering the best product in a timely manner to meet even the most aggressive agendas. The relationships we have with our various general contractors, architects, and property owners have been built on trust and on our dedication to the project at hand.